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 Sanat Kumara "Eternal Being of Light"

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On September 28th 2018. Sanat Kumara stepped forward as the Leader of the Council of Light, I have been channelling the Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene as part of this Council of Light for a few months this year as part of my Initiation into the White Flame that I am teaching for ascension, peace, joy and LOVE. 

My first transmission with Sanat Kumara was on Saturday 29th September

I AM the leader,

(I asked why are you here?)

To lead the light bearers on earth at this time of Great Transformation.

The planning is over, the time is now, it is imminent, to return, reignite the ancient flame of life.

Join together with other people. Light your own flame,

Carry it, be the Light Bearer

(these are lightworkers, wayshowers etc)

Then I was shown an image of him on the mountain top with the snow, was shown the cave and the flame of life.

This was in Tibet in the Mountains.

He was been up there for many years and says he is now coming down among the people to direct the flame. 

Sanat Kumara Message

Sanat Kumara continued

Cosmic Forces frequencies are bringing Great Multitude of Multidimensional energies to us to .... (upgrade) our software (this is how i heard it but it didn't feel the right language) of your Earth.

The next 5 - 20 years will bring Great changes, we are to hold the light and bring it forth. 

Open your hearts -

My ears were ringing as if a 1000 angels were trying to communicate with me.

I heard some light language then took the photo showing the sun and the orb.  A Medium friend said she could see a Monk withe the Candle in this image. 

Who is Sanat Kumara?

He has been recognised in many of our religions, he is part of the White Brotherhood who make up the Council of Light with the Sisterhood of Divine Feminine, as it a collective of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Luminous beings, Star Seeds, Intergalactic beings etc.