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Magdalene High Priestess 

Mary Magdalene was a real human being, who existed in history, as, indeed, did Jesus. Gods and Goddesses, as a rule, have always lived in heaven, never on earth.   She is often said to have been a reincarnation of Isis the Eternal Goddess. She is an ascended master who returns to us to rise up and rejoice as we reunite with the femininity of ourselves, within each of us there is a union of male and female, Jesus and Mary are that perfect union of balance male and female.  

In history Mary is remembered but not for her part she was a healer, a scholar and compassionate discipline.


Some people say Mary Magdalene is a reincarnation of Isis, the Eternal Goddess. I believe she channeled Isis the Goddess similarly as we channel Goddesses now, she was a medium, a seer this was one of her many spiritual gifts. 

When Jesus is crucified by the Romans, Mary Magdalene was there supporting him in his final terrifying moments and mourning his death. She also discovers the empty tomb, and she's a witness to the resurrection. I believed Jesus lived beyond the crucifixion and that when he arose it was from his healing and that he left the area to live his life in the East.  Mary Magda she was there at the beginning of the "New Way" Christianity was formed from their teachings and beliefs she began baptisms and teachings in the West in the South of France and in Avalon.

Mary Magdalene & Me

I have been working with Mary Magdalene over several years first on a Magdalene Priestess Course and now I am a Magdalene High Priestess

My relationship with Mary and Jesus have deepened over the last 12 months of this journey and I have seen Mary in visions with Jesus and feel their guiding energies within my inner work, healing sessions, ceremonies and past life sessions.  She is a daily part of my life and her energy is the essence of Magdalene Holistic Centre to bring like minded people together for health, wellbeing, guidance, joy, laughter, community and spiritual expansion.  

As a High Priestess I am able to communicate with the highest realms through my mediumship with the Spirit World, Angelic Realms, Goddesses, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Realms, with the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Light and the Great Council of Light.  I offer guidance to clients with their higher self and Soul Self who offers clients the highest guidance they can receive.  Guidance is offered and Healing always flows for the work of the High Priestess is to bring healing, harmony and love to all.

As the High Priestess I also offer ceremonies eg handfastings, birth naming ceremonies, womb healing ceremonies, house clearing ceremonies, death ceremonies for people nearing death, but also for endings of chapters in clients lives so they can move forward.  Also moving house ceremonies to allow the homes to be able to move on and new homes to flow to clients in a more fluid way, removing blockages. 

Barta - Ora - Rose

Within a past life I lived at the time of Magdalene within the families connected to the Essenes my life was planned to be of service to the coming Messiah to that of Yeshua and his beloved, this was Mary Magda, she was my spiritual teacher and companion,  my family chose me me to be betrothed to Michael when I was reaching womanhood, before this they sent me away to learn all the ways of the great ancient Mysteries so that I could be a healer for my community, There were too many intrusions to the life that was planned for Yeshua and Mary for they were destined for great teachings.  They were bringing "The Way" and new "Way" with religion, taking back the scriptures to their "Core Way" this was the "Way of Love".  Their love for one another was of mutual respect and of perfect balance but this was not be on their earthly plane and this was taken from them far to soon.  The rising of the conflicts that were against Yeshua's teaching grew far and wide as the heads of state, heads of religious houses feared the changes of though and resisted a new "Way of Being" so the crucifixion came much sooner than the Elders in the Essenes expected and all was changed so quickly.  

I had returned from my third visit to Alexandra in Egypt when it all went horrible wrong, so fast, so violent, my family went into hiding and I ran away to be with the sisterhood  of Mary and Mother Mary.  After the crucifixion I was with Mary and the other sisters there were at least 12 of us and more that came, the tomb was filled with us, as we stood over this body, we gave healing and placed anointments and healing herbs and potions.  Yeshua was in so much pain and suffering but there was still breath in his lungs, he never spoke as if in a trance as we tireless worked our healing light and healing ways throughout day and night.  As we worked some slept and then we took in turns so there was always the circle of women working at this side.    After he arose he was alive, and then we girls were instructed to go to see the Elders to plan our next moves.  It was unsafe for us to still live in our homes and our families were fearful of what might happen.  It was a scary but very sad time for "The Way" was about not being frightened but this is what we became so quickly.  It wasn't time to bring this to the collective consciously, Mary said we had to go far away to prepare for the future, to spread the word of the "The Way" so that in time people would understand it more and it would become part of their lives.  So we set off on our journey ........................................................