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Magdalene Priestess 

Mary Magdalene was a real human being, who existed in history, as, indeed, did Jesus. Gods and Goddesses, as a rule, have always lived in heaven, never on earth.   She is often said to have been a reincarnation of Isis the Eternal Goddess. She is an ascended master who returns to us to rise up and rejoice as we reunite with the femininity of ourselves, within each of us there is a union of male and female, Jesus and Mary are that perfect union of balance male and female.  

In history Mary is remembered but not for her part she was a healer, a scholar and compassionate discipline.


Some people say Mary Magdalene is a reincarnation of Isis, the Eternal Goddess. 

When Jesus is crucified by the Romans, Mary Magdalene was there supporting him in his final terrifying moments and mourning his death. She also discovers the empty tomb, and she's a witness to the resurrection. She was there at the beginning of a movement that was going to transform the West.

Mary Magdalene & Me

I have been working with Mary Magdalene over several years first on a Magdalene Priestess Course and now on a High Priestess Pathway.

My relationship with Mary and Jesus have deepened over the last 12 months of this journey and I have seen Mary in visions with Jesus and feel their guiding energies within my inner work, healing sessions, ceremonies and past life sessions.  She is a daily part of my life and her energy is the essence of Magdalene Holistic Centre to bring like minded people together for health, wellbeing, guidance, joy, laughter, community and spiritual expansion.