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Magdalene High Priestess

his has been an amazing year, I have completed my Magdalene High Priestess Course and this seems just like the beginning for me.

This year has been full of mountains and volcanoes, visions and dreams, gifts from the Divine Mother and a deep connection to the earth. It has bought me home, with tools and memories of past lives and bought me home to me.

To a place of Joy and Love

To remember 

To Be

To Connect with Soul Sisters

Connection to the Council of Light

Deep Healing Gifts from beyond the Veil

Transforming Ascension gifts of the White Flame

The Ankh for the Key of Life

Unlocking my dreams

Unlocking my heart 

To Be

To Be is where I want to be

To Be is what I AM


Each Vision holds a Joy so precious

A Story to be told

A wound to clear and heal

Releasing our past patterns 

Release our out dated contract

Returning Home

Unity and Grace

Love and Joy


Priestess Ceremonies 

As a Magdalene Priestess I can perform handfasting, naming and death rite ceremonies, these will be created for you.  Each ceremony will be uniquely created for you, will be a sacred ceremony bringing in the Elements, Ancient One and Ancestors  for a very special day for you. 

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Handfasting Ceremony 

A handfasting is an old Pagan custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts.  In the past a handfasting was originally more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day.  Nowadays couples are choosing to have a handfasting as part of their wedding, renewals of vows, engagement or committment to one another.  A handfasting ceremony will be created uniquely to you and will be a sacred special occasion to remember. 

This isn't a legal contract under English and Welsh Law the only wedding ceremonies that are recognised in law are those that are solemnised by a Register on Approved Premises.  

You can get handfasted absolutely anywhere, provided you have the landowners permission.   I had my handfasting at a castle, you might choose somewhere completely different eg ancient hillfort, a garden, or favourite places. 

If you are interested in finding our more about a Handfasting please contact me. 

Soul's Journal Ceremony Healing Sessions

We offer a course of 4 Soul's Journey Sessions 

The first is about letting go, releasing what no longer service you, letting go of old patterns.   This works on your Heart Chakra level and brings healing, forgiveness and opens your heart to more love.

The second is a baptism bringing in new energies, new patterns, embracing hidden aspects of your self and you reconnect with all that is you. This connects with your Throat Chakra to release old chains and be open to more communication.

The third is a ceremony to meet your Higher Self your Soul it is a transformational experience. This connects to your 3rd Eye Chakra and opens up you relationship with your  intuition.

The fourth is a Sacred Union with your Soul is one of the beautiful experiences it is expansive and opens your crown chakra up more to the collective consciousness.