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There are several Goddesses in mythology from all around the world and throughout the ages, this page is dedicated to my connection with Divine Goddess and their teachings 

Kim offer Goddess Retreats, Goddess Ceremonies, Rituals, Goddess Healing, Goddess Guidance and Goddess Workshops so you too can learn to channel and connect with Goddesses.   See Events or Contact Kim for more information Tele 07580551979


Sarasvati Hindu Goddess Divine Mother

Saraswati has four arms, representing the four aspects of human personality in learning: the mind, intellect, alertness, and ego. These four arms also represent the 4 Vedas (the sacred books of the Hindu faith), which in turn represent the 3 forms of literature, poetry, prose and music.

A book of the Vedas.

Crystal malas, representing meditation and spirituality.

A pot of water, representing creative and purification powers.

A musical instrument that represents her perfection in all arts in sciences.