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Crystalline Grid & White Flame 

Anchoring the Light Energies, Codes, Ascension Energies into Earth and yourself

The White Flame energy is ascension energy, it is being offered to assist Ascension for us as humans, for the earth as it is changing, the frequency of the earth is evolving, is heart beat is increasing, we are being called to leave the dark energies and ascend into a higher way of being, with more love and joy. As we raise our vibrations we can also channel the energies flowing into our planet and help to anchor these in. 

Crystalline Energy Grid 

This is the higher vibrational, multidimensional grid of our ascended earth, this is what we are striving to achieve as the new energies come in and light workers, way showers, forerunners, healers all over the earth are trying to maintain as the earth’s frequency is changing and the new energies are being directed to us via the sun, the universe etc. This Crystalline Grid is 5D a higher grid than before, as we release the 3D being of the old planet and as we and the planet receives infinite Divine source and ascension energies the crystalline, ascension wave of energies from our universe. The Crystalline grid monitors the ascension process of humanity and releases new codes of awakening this is a part of the work by the Council of Light to awaken us and bring higher frequencies to support our evolution and assist us in continuing to fly. There are high frequency points on earth, and you feel called to visit them do so, I have felt the call to visit frequency points, like crystal grids, ancient places eg Stone Henge, Mount Cantiguo, or to be in nature, by water always helps to connect and absorb, I have felt to call to visit my friend who has a crystal grid in her garden in Devon at this intense time of September as the energies have been so forthcoming, rays of gold, blue and light pouring into the earth’s atmosphere for several days.

How can we Anchor in the Energies of Ascension

Crystal Grids

We are being called to place Crystal Grids on our land to represent gateways to sacred channels this was something done in the past, in ancient times and we are being called to create these places as a vortex to anchor the energies in. If you are being called to create a Star Disc or Crystal Grid or Circle maybe in your garden answer this call to do so. This is part of our missions to create somewhere to help anchor the energies in.

White Flame

With the White Flame energies you can help anchor the energies in, as you are attuned to the energies you become a channel to anchor in the energies. You may do this in a number of ways, you may be in a meditation where you receive the energies and you can channel them into yourself and in turn into the earth, like a grounding exercise, where you channel the energies down into the earth, feel the energies flowing though you, down through roots around your ankles down into the earth, you may visualise a white master crystal in the earth and the energy is anchored into this crystal. When you have done this you can channel the energies back into yourself too from the master crystal within the earth.

You may see the energies you are anchoring in as different colours, the rose in white or pink, the gold rays that have been coming all last week (Sept 2018) the blue orb energies flowing too (sept 2018) or clear white light or others. You may wish to keep a journal too.

If you are healing the call to anchor the light this is one of your missions on earth at this time, listen with your heart, as you anchor the light in your heart will open wider, your crown will receive more light.

You can also work with the white flame by lighting a candle or fire pit, or similar and invoke the energies and visualise them being channelled and received into the flame, or the fire, this is a symbol of them coming into the fire and see them being transmuted into the earth’s atmosphere.

You can set the intention to anchor in the light at certain times, eg Sunday Evenings at 7pm you can say I will be an open channel to anchor in the light into yourself as a being to channel into our dimensional time at this time. This is so important for us to hear and follow this call at the moment.

Crystalline Grid

The crystalline grid receives the energies this is why we are so drawn to crystals and why we feel the call to create our own crystal grids at this time to create a space to receive and direct the energies. There are certain high frequency points for anchoring in the crystalline grid, but where you are you can link up the grid and download the ascension light and the frequencies and codes of awakening. You can ground them into your location, through your body, heart, and flow out into the collective consciousness. You may wish to set up a sacred space with crystals to do this in your home or garden or take some crystals to space in a park or forest.

Meditation to connect with the Crystalline Grid to Anchor in the Energies 

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths

Focus on your heart and let it fill with light, you can place the white rose into your heart centre and feel the light expand and grow

Breathe in the light into your crown, into your heart and let your heart light expand more.

Breathe the light through your crown at the top of your head and see it flowing down through you into each of your chakras, as a light flowing through you and down through your feet into mother earth.

Feel the energies flow through you and down into the earth, feel how it anchors into the earth.

Anchor in this present moment, this that is now. Anchor in the light of the world into you and into the earth. It is now.

Feel the oneness with the earth, with the universe, with the light energy. You are the divine, you are whole, you are part of the collective consciousness, this is you now.

Feel the oneness with the source we are One Now.

You may wish to see the white flame in the energy flowing into you.

You are one with the crystalline grid, you are whole, you are One with all that is.

You can ask your guides, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Council of Light for your highest intention and support to linking with the ascension energies.

Allow your vibration to lift, see it expand outwards, allow it to flow further outwards and feel it expanding more and more.

See the light flowing once more, this is the divine light, infinite light, flowing, ascension, collective conscious light, flowing into you.

Ask to receive the highest frequency that you can hold, the highest codes and divine light that serves you and humanity at this time, now. Ask for the codes and light to be shared with you.

Feel these flowing into you, you may receive more colours, symbols, images or just the energies flowing into you. Receive them into your chakras, into your crown and into your heart. Feel these becoming parts of you. Receive this energy and watch as it becomes part of you. Stay in this space for a few minutes and seeing the information, light, codes, being downloaded into you and down into Mother Earth too. As your receive this light of awakening and ascension, you anchor it into you, into Mother Earth and into our Earth to share and this raises the vibrations of yourself, of our earth and humanity.

To bring yourself back, take some breaths, ground your feet into the earth, bring your awareness back and come back, take some water, eat something... record in your Journal


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