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12:12 Gateway with Mary Magdalene

12:12 Gateway with Mary Magdalene

How are you all doing this year as we are heading for the Winter solstice 21.12 and 22.12 are energetically potent dates on our calendar with the full moon on our shortest days of winter or longest days of summer if you in the Southern Hemisphere.

This has been a year of contrasts for me and many others, with the beautiful summer we have been blessed with in the UK, which bought so much sun, light and beautiful energies. On the other hand my father has been ill in alot of pain and this bought alot of care and love to help him whilst he was struggling this summer. This reminds us of our family and the love we hold for them and how we interact with the needs of others. Personally after this time I have felt the call to look after my divine body more with changes to my diet to return to natural healthy foods and self care, still working on getting more exercise into my life.

Have you been hearing this little voice from your higher self, to change your eating habits? To do more exercise? To go out in nature more? This is all part of a cosmic plan, to help us sustain more light and the higher frequencies that are becoming a daily part of our lives. Have you noticed that you are tenser lately do you hear the call to relax more, to reconnect, to meditate? If so, listen to this inner voice it what your mind body soul needs right now.

There is a huge calling to release, release old stuck energies, memories stored within our energetic fields going right back through our lives to our childhood. Have you felt this call to release old patterns, thoughts. This is to hold more Light, the more we clear the more light our light bodies can hold. Clearing allows us to let go of the old energies as our lives have changed and we do not need to hold on to old pains. You may remember energetically being upset as a child over something quite small, but at that time in your life you didnt understand it, and still holding a memory of it at a cellular level within your energy fields, within your aura, or within your body. If you are feeling the call within from yourself or your higher self to release these seek some help to do. Break free from the old memories, old conditioning, reconnect with your whole being.

Mary Magdalene brings you the message of SELF LOVE, loving yourself, bringing BALANCE into your lives and as you choose Self Love you choose a higher path, you are LOVE, you share your Light of your Love within yourself. The more your clear, the more love you hold and more light you shine into your life, family, community ..... She brings the symbol of the Rose a beautiful pink rose of self love of Divine Feminine to open your heart wider to Love. She reminds us of how as women we have been held down, held back and not treated equally for centuries and as this time the Divine Feminine of Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Goddess Isis, Mother Mary and many others are bringing us the message or Rise Sister, Rise up and connect with other Sisters of the Rose, reconnect and let go of chains.

In Love and Light

Kim Ora Rose 

October 2018

Wow this has been the most amazing weekend, I went to Glastonbury to meet my Magdalene Priestess Sisters to connect in Joy and Love and receive our final High Priestess Initiation.  We went to Bride's Mound in Glastonbury a new place for me,  a sacred special place we did come singing and connections to this magical place and received some new spiritual tools to work with.  

In the early evening we had our Initiation at The Chalice Well in Glastonbury and this was so special, magical and sacred.  

Then on our way home I was called to go to Avebury, as we approached the stone, i had a vision that I had been there before I saw myself walking into the area in the past.  We went on a tour so I could learn more about his wonderful place.  We didnt have alot of time so I shall be returning to this beautiful place.

Magdalene High Priestess October 2018

Since the High Priestess final Initiation, I have had lots of dreams, codes and visions coming in and had this returning this morning to looking for the Star Discs, many years ago I was drawn to the Golden Star disks and was going to write a book of fiction about the portals around the world that the Star Disk was key to use.  Where you could travel to different dimensions in space and time through these portals.  This is my understanding and today I have found some more information about this, Avebury is so ancient over 6000 years ago it was a place of collectiveness, a great centre of unity where the ancients would collect and rejoice together.  I'm answering the call to go to Provence next year for the Magdalene Pilgrimage and the Pyrenees to connect to another portal at Mount Canigou.  this year has been a year of Mountains Ive been to Teidi in Tenerife and had some amazing visions there with Magdalene, Sisterhood of the Rose and Jesus, in Switzerland I heard the mountains, felt their wonderous energies, in Sicily we visited Etna.  We stayed in Taormina up high connecting again to the mountain energies.  

Now - Im writing the White Flame Manuals and preparing to Launch into the World to share this beautiful energy.

Breathe, Believe & Be

Our Blog

Our First Blog Entry

1st May 2018

Welcome to Magdalene Holistic Centre this new therapy and meditation space has been opened by Kim Gutteridge as a place to welcome spiritual people on their journeys and offer guidance, teachings, relaxation, healing, a safe haven away from their busy lives.  This is a new venture born out of my journey with Mary Magdalene spiritual way shower who has been my guide for several years. 

The Way of the White Rose

July 28th 2018

The way of the white rose

finding you, being you

seek no longer, peace is here

with you now

purity if here now

allow the light to follow

you to be you - You are the Light

Step into the white flame

Feeling all your senses embracing

the light, the scent, the sounds, the expansion

Love is all there is

Rise, Expand, Ascend

Breathe, Believe and Be ................................

Our Latest Blog Entry

26th July 2018

Full Moon tomorrow 27th July and a Lunar Eclipse release and renew, let go of what no longer serves you for your highest good, and allow the Divine Goddesses and Divine Gods to guide you to fulfillment, empowerment, happiness and joy and you step into this intense full moon period to be cleansed and released from old patterns, old stories you told yourself, you have not always seen the truth in what is your story, allow all that is beautiful, positive, uplifting and wonderful in each and everyone of you to shine through. Take down those old walls that held you in captive, allow yourself to be seen and shine, inside each and everyone of you is a shining bright, brilliant diamond that is your Soul, see it for yourself, see that you are perfect, unique and connected to all things. Take off your cloaks of unworthiness, unloved, imperfect for these are tricks the ego or monkey mind plays on you. See yourself as you are. Be beautiful, you are beautiful you are the I AM, you are your Soul. Be free of unnecessary burdens and allow yourself to be the creative. Ora

Our Latest Blog Entry

3rd August

Wow the energy has changed so much since last weeks eclipse, its heavier, making us tired, headaches, need more fluids to filter through the energetic changes from last week.  If you are tired, have some early nights, connect again with mother earth, but the divine masculine is showing up big time, call in your male energies, connect with Buddha, Christ and Ascended Masters, this isnt about clearing that all came in last week, this is about solid foundations, bring in the triangle the solid base.  Im working with Sarasvati for the next few weeks, bringing in wisdom, working with the Swan (who will help my High Priestessness qualities) and the peacock (new wisdom and learning) seeing the bigger picture that unfolds.  

What are you hiding from?  For me its whether or not to take up extra responsibilities or not and weighing up if I have enough on my plate.  What are you weighing up now?  Everything is possible dont discredit what you are trying to bring into your lives.  Look at why the reason why you might be considering it.  Is this a good reason? How does it feel in your Hara and your Heart?


Sarasvati calls on the wind, she steps out of her lotus flower and into your aura, she stands there with you holding your hands and asks you to sit with her, take a seat by the river waters and you may dangle your feet in the flowing waters.  Sarasvati plays here music to ground you into her beautiful energies, they may be melancholy, the music is so familiar it sings to your soul and you awaken a forgotten part of you ... allow this to unfold, allowing this lost part of you to return to now.  Part of your children comes forward and you are there Now again with a beautiful memory of your childhood, one full of hope, of love or understanding.  See yourself stepping out of your aura and being with the wild flowers in the meadow, with a loved one in the spirit or a friend.  See how you are peaceful there at that moment and then allow this to embed into your heart.  Sarasvati sings another song and this reminds you of the river flowing by, reminds you of the pattern, cycles of life, and your part in this mission of life.  You may see a fish or a bird by the river side.  There is symbolism in what you see now.  

Sarasvati sings her third and final song and this transport you to another time and space into your dreams, what you hold dear to you, allow this love and hope to fill you up.  As you see all your loved ones supporting your dreams and you allowing them to be part of you.  See you Soul or Higher Self, sitting next to you, see them smiling back at you and giving you a white Swan feather, take this and hold it close to your heart .  Wisdom and love flows through you, peace and strength is part of you, poetry or prose comes to you Now, if not now it will unfold in the following days.  Be mindful of the words you hear.  

Take a few minutes to allow the wisdom and energy of Sarasvati to come to you, allowing the songs to embed within you, commune with your Soul and deepest wishes and take the Swan energy with you again. See the inner child you have always been, the cycles of life and see that everything is possible, you only have to dream.

Allow all the transformational energies to unfold within you 

Swan Meaning and Swan Symbolism Keywords












Peacock https://www.whats-your-sign.com/peacock-symbolism.html

If you do the meditation and would like any feedback please text me