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Bach Flower Essences 

The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach from 1920 – 1930’s in England. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets.

The remedies are preserved in grape based brandy and are gluten free.

And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for His healing. “Heal Thyself by Dr. Bach”

"Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.’ Dr. Edward Bach

What are Bach Flower Esscences?

Bach flower essences are extracts from flowers which have a positive effect on emotional imbalances and mood swings such as fear, dejection, lack of self-confidence, stress and worrying.

The name comes from Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) who discovered this healing method at the beginning of the last century. For more than 70 years these flower essences have proved useful for children as well as adults for all kinds of emotional problems. Sleep problems, fear of failure, exam fear, ADHD, sadness, guilt, concentration problems. These are all but a few examples where Bach Flower Essences have been successfully used with good results.

How Bach flower essences work

Bach Flower Essences have the quality and ability to change a negative emotion into a positive one. For instance a person with a low self-esteem will, after taking specific flower essences, start to believe in him or herself again and will be more self-confident dealing with the day-to-day things.

Negative emotions are not suppressed but turned into the opposite positive emotional state. For example, fear of failure into self-confidence or impatience into calmness and tranquillity.

Bach Flower Essences for Exam Stress

This can be such a stressful time of year for students and it can be difficult to look after yourself when you are studying, revision and going through all the challenges of exams.  There are some remedies that can help with worry or fear or just the panic of the exam season.  

You can take up to a blend of 6 remedies in spring water if you are struggling over the Exam Period.  

Under 18 years olds seek Parental Guidance before taking flower essences.  

Flower Remedies that may help include:

Agrimony: if you feel restless at night with churning thoughts, this is also the remedy if you feel you are the kind of person who might want to  dull the feelings and escape.

Cerato: the remedy for someone who lacks confidence in their own judgement or perhaps even distrusts their own convictions/abilities. Useful in an exam if you are doubting your knowledge even though you know you have studied enough for it. If you find yourself seeking too much advice and confirmation from others this could also be useful.

Cherry Plum: if you are the person who gets severe exam panic! It’s for that near hysteria feeling pre exam, helps you to return to sanity and gives calm, quiet courage.

Elm: for if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all. Could be a good one if your university place is riding on your A-level results, or for those 3rd year University finals.

Larch: Take this if you feel like you have no self confidence, really useful before exams. Keeps you feeling capable; not fearful but determined.

Mimulus: The remedy for fear of known things – gives quiet courage to face trials ahead.

Oak: For when you are plodding on from overwork and tiredness. Brings strength when you feel under great strain.

Pine: Are you being over-conscientious with your studying? Pine is usually a good remedy for those who are never content with their achievements and over work themselves.

Vervain: for tenseness/hyperanxiety if you are pushing yourself too hard and causing yourself stress headaches.

White chestnut: if you find your mind ends up with thoughts whirring round and round, particularly at night causing sleep problems before exams.

I wish you good luck in your exams and all the best in your next steps