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Magdalene Amethyst Flame - 7 Day Healing Course

I am launching a new 7 Day Healing Course soon with Magdalene Amethyst Flame - it should be ready very soon ....

Message me if you are interested in find out more about this course

It is an online course supported by guidance, meditations, healing support etc 

Magdalene's Amethyst Flame 

Are you in need of healing energies in your busy lives, juggling jobs, families, responsibilities of elderly parents? Are you feeling called by your soul to break free to return to a time when your life was simpler. 

Do you long for "you" time and try out different ways to seek this?

Many souls are seeking healing and reconnection to the earth and cosmos energies. 

This 7 day healing with Magdalene's Amethyst Flame will bring you a greater transformation for inner peace and healing with your soul.

Magdalene Priestesses are bringing back ancient pathways to raising your energies needed for your lives to bring back your energy, bring balance, healing and love.