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Magdalene's Amethyst Flame 

Are you in need of healing energies in your busy lives, juggling jobs, families, responsibilities of elderly parents? Are you feeling called by your soul to break free to return to a time when your life was simpler. 

Do you long for "you" time and try out different ways to seek this?

Many souls are seeking healing and reconnection to the earth and cosmos energies. 

This 7 day healing with Magdalene's Amethyst Flame will bring you a greater transformation for inner peace and healing with your soul.

Magdalene Priestesses are bringing back ancient pathways to raising your energies needed for your lives to bring back your energy, bring balance, healing and love.  

Mary Magdalene Amethyst Flame Healing ~Benefits from this monthly 7 Day healing experience:

• Release any stored emotions, or patterns from the last few weeks, months

• Self Love by allowing the gentle healing energies to flow into your heart centre for self love

• Stand in your power and hold your personal space for yourself

• Creativity will be ignited for your art, writings, ideas, inspiration etc

• Heal old wounds of the Divine Feminine

• Balance your heart and crown chakras

• Stillness as you connect each day to the amethyst flame you allow stillness to be part of your life

• Intuition allow the flame to expand your natural intuition and your connections through your 3rd Eye and Crown chakras

Call in the Mary Magdalene Amethyst Flame for 7 Days via the Chi ball of energy this is available for the 7 Days - free healing channelled by Kim Magdalene High Priestess 

Invoke Mary Magdalene for your healing, you can meditate in the Mary Magdalene Cave in Provence and connect with everything purple or lilac for this week of healing. 

Magdalene Amethyst Flame - 

7 Days Healing 1st June 2019

The Magdalene Amethyst Flame Healing

Magdalene Holistic Centre invites you to join with the Magdalene Amethyst Flame Healing, this is free of charge and available worldwide for 7 Days. During these 7 Days you receive the Amethyst Flame healing with Mary Magdalene energies each day and as often as you like. 

To receive the Amethyst Flame Healing you need to  Download a Chi Ball of energy this has been preset for you to use - see below how to receive

It is available every day for 7 Days for you to connect with 

Visualise the Amethyst Flame each Day

You may wish to connect more with Amethyst Crystals, Lilac or Purple foods/fruits and wear Lilac or Purple clothing to really connect to this healing.

You can invoke Mary Magdalene to join you in her Cave to add a personal experience with this Healing Flame.

It will be set up from  1st June 2019 GMT London and will be available for 7 days. You can tune in from anywhere in the world and ask to receive Magdalene Amethyst Flame Healing. You can call in the Chi ball and the energies will flow to you, as you spend time in the healing energies for a few minutes or longer that is up to you.

If you tune into the Magdalene Amethyst Flame Healing you can leave feedback on the fb event page or join this group to share your experiences or ask questions - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2154731411266885/ you will receive feedback from Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess.

Please share with your friends and light family

If you Click Going I shall include you in Daily Prayers and Intentions

Preparing for your Chi Ball Healing

 It is recommended to make the process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Find a place or room where you will not be interrupted for about half an hour or so. Take the phone off the hook and switch off your mobile.

Dim the lights or partly close the blinds and perhaps light a candle or incense. Always make sure that the lit candle and incense is safely positioned as you may enter a state of deep relaxation.

Some people like to play some gentle relaxing music although do try and select music that does not have any lyrics, as this can be distracting.

When receiving  the healing  sit in a comfortable chair and place your hands on each thigh with your palms facing upwards. You can also lie down if you prefer. It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed, so the position you are in is a personal choice.

You may invoke Mary Magdalene to join you, you may connect with purple colours, lavendar or purple foods at this time.  

Alternatively connect with Mary's Rose symbolism of Love  with rose incense, spray, or rose quartz to connect deeply with the Magdalene Rose.

Accepting your Chi Ball Attunement

When you are ready and comfortable, please state the following:

‘I will now receive the Mary Magdalene Amethyst Healing from Kim Gutteridge Now and I ask that I may receive the strongest Healing energies that I can handle"

If you are visual you may like to visualise the Amethyst flame  energies start to fill your being from the inside out. The more you connect with the energies the brighter your being glows and reaches out of you. 

Picture yourself glowing like a lilac star and see the flame flowing into you and out of your aura.  

You do not have to do anything else but relax and enjoy the experience, which will last between 15 – 30 minutes. 

Everyone’s healing connection  experience is different. 

Some feel nothing while others feel vibrations, warmth and some may see things. 

Your healing with the Amethyst flame  will be what is right for you, so if you don’t experience anything, please don’t worry and be assured that you have received the healing needed.

Magdalene's Amethyst Flame Seven Days Healing

You will be working with the energy of Magdalene's Amethyst Flame for the full Seven days when you will be receiving healing energies and emitting energies out into the earth and cosmos.

Suggestion to keep a journal of emotions, thoughts, feelings etc that arise during this time of healing.

Day One

This starts on the 1st day of each month, on the first day, focus on the coming 7 days of healing and on this first day focus of the colour of Amethyst by seeing the Amethyst Flame before you in your hands and be open to receiving the energy that is sent to you. Spend a few minutes in quiet with this energy. There is a Magdalene Amethyst Flame Meditation that accompanies this course available.

Day Two

Spend some time in nature, gardens or open spaces and open up the Amethyst flame in your hands to receive healing energies, spend at least 5-10 mins with this flame as the healing energies flow into you hands, heart and throughout your whole body, clearing blockages, releasing old patterns and cleansing.

Day Three

Connect with the Amethyst Flame, image yourself within the flame and allowing cords to be cut as the healing power of the flame cuts through these cords and allows healing to flow into you and into the energy of the cords, this will release you with healing energy and release the old energies that bind you. Spend several minutes allowing all the healing energies to flow into you and embrace the release of old chains and cords that have bound you. There may be an energy release the first time you do this, just ask the flame for more healing and it will be sent.

Day Four

Connect with the Amethyst Flame to receive healing energies, see how quickly the energies merge with your own, how the healing energies flow quickly through your chakra, energy systems and out into your aura. Anchor this energy into the your energy fields. You may choose to wear the this colour to enhance the healing energies of colour. 

 Spend some time with the energies allowing all healing to flow.

Day Five

Connect with the Amethyst Flame to receive healing energies, again see how quickly they flow through you, today choose some purple foods to bring the colour of this flame within you eg blueberries, blackberries, aubergine, beetroot focus on the colour of the foods to enrich you. 

 Spend at least 5-10 mins with the Amethyst Flame and allow the healing to flow to you and emit out in to earth and cosmos.

Day Six

On day five the energy reaches a peak, take time today to connect with all souls on this healing path and connecting with the Amethyst Flame. Be open to receiving abundant and creative energy to flow and anchor this energy into your being. 

 Allow yourself to begin transformational energy shifts as the vibrations of the energy embed with you.

Day Seven

Connect to the Amethyst Flame for 5-10 minutes allowing all the healing to be absorbed into you body, mind and aura. Fully immerging yourself with the flames healing and visualise yourself anchoring this energy into yourself, the earth and into the cosmos and feeling it revert back to you. As what you send out comes back to you. This is the last day of the healing so focus on fully accepting all that has come to you over the past 7 days and giving gratitude for all that has flowed to you.

Blessings from Magdalene 


Relax, breathe, go into you, into your self, breathing,

focus on your breath

As we call in Mary Magdalene, Divine feminine, Isis, and Kwan Yin and Yeshua Christ energies of Divine Masculine, to join with this meditation and healing.

Feel their presences join you, as light energy, feel them with you now,

You may see them as they join with you now or feel their subtle energetic signature

Look around you, you are in a large cavern deep in the sacred mountains, there is a shallow pool of water with the cave, you hear water falling as it falls into the pool of water and you see the most beautiful reflection of the water and the cave, it is as if the cave goes on and on forever.

Before Mary stands by a small altar where there are candles, a chalice, and other things. Mary is dressed in a gown of amethyst colour and as you see this you realise that the whole cavern is of Amethyst crystals and you feel them radiating out into the cave and into your being.

Mary gives you a cloak of purple to wear and as you put this on, you feel so calm, relaxed and healing energies flow into your aura, into your mind, body and spirit, and you feel at home. Allow this healing balm to flow into you. Allow the healing to go where it needs to go, allow it to flow, do not try to direct it, it will flow where it needs to go for your highest good. Feel it now flowing through you and flowing down your feet into the crystal cavern, deep deep into the earth.

Mary now gives you a candle to hold this is lilac coloured and she lights it from her altar candle, as she does so this lights a flame within your heart, this glows and glows and sends waves of healing into your heart centre, you feel the Great Spirit's Love, this love emits within you and you feel it so deeply. Spend some time in this deepest of love and Joy.

When you feel ready, Mary guides you to the pool of water, where she guides you to stand in the water, paddling in it, as you do so all that no longer severs you for your highest good, releases from you gently into the water and is washed away. You feel cleansed and renewed and lighter. Jesus joins you now and says some words of prayer to you placing his fingers on your forehead, and as he does so, you are blessed.

Take a few moments to stay within this sacred space


You may visit this meditation as often as you wish to. 

Blessings from Mary Magdalene

If you enjoyed this experience please send you feed back to either the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2154731411266885/

or email [email protected]

Thank you