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Kim Ora Rose

offers Spiritual Guidance, Distant Healing, Workshops

Munay Ki Rites, Reiki Attunements and Meditations

Welcome to Magdalene Holistic Centre

Kim Gutteridge has been giving readings since a child, she is now a Magdalene High Priestess, Light Bearer, Way Shower and offers spiritual teachings through meditation and White Flame Initiations and Amethyst Flame Healing, Seer offers  spiritual readings, soul healing, soul connections, reiki and reiki attunements, munay ki attunements.

Text 07580551979 if you text , we will ring you right back

Rose Temple 

Joyful Abundance 22 day course

Starts 1st August 2019 - New Moon 

This course will help you to unlock abundance in your life and bring more Joy and Pure Love.

It has been developed with some teachings from Mary Magdalene, Anandamayi ma, Reiki Teacher Paula Horan, Lemurian Starchild Oracle cards and my own teachings. I hope you enjoy the experience.

You can receive the daily activities via email or the Rose Temple Facebook group, there will be information and daily meditations to listen too.

Join us by visiting the Rose Temple Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/rosetemple/

The meditations will be short so they can be listened to in your busy lives and there will be extra bonus meditations to listen too.

During the course you may wish to discuss different things that come up, you can message me for short answers via fb or text 07580551979 (Whatsapp) or phone, or in the group if you wish or alternatively I shall offer Soul Abundance Readings/ Consultations for £33 per session which can be booked with me.

This course is free - donations are invited via paypal to [email protected]

Following on from this course Part Two 22 days to Pure Love & Oneness starts 1st  September 2019

Sacred Goddess Mentoring Program

Sacred Goddess Mentoring Program

Starts in October 2019

With Kim Ora Rose Magdalene High Priestess

9 months One to One Program

Embark on a deeply guided intuitive journey to embrace and embody your inner Goddess and express the Goddess fully in your life to the fullest potential with the Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene.

*Essence of Self Love

*Essence of Opening your Heart Chakra Wider

*Essence of Receiving more Light and 5D - 7D ascension

*Essence of Pure Love

Limited Spaces available

9 monthly One to One Sessions via Skype or Phone with Soul Intuitive Readings/ Healing and Initiations

Manuals and Certificates provided for all Initiations.

Includes Free Access to 22 Days of Joyful Abundance and 22 Day Unity Consciousness Courses.

More information 

NEW White Flame Initiation (Goddess Isis & The Council of Light)

The White Flame is an energy symbol for ascension, wisdom and unity gifted by the  Isis  and the Council of Light to invoke their alignment with the highest energies for our highest good. This was directly channeled by Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess to invoke in her Spiritual work as a teacher, healer, wayshower, light worker, and mediumship to share with others.

As we strive to raise our vibrations, to ascend as individuals we are united with others and all the other souls on earth and in heaven. We are One with the universe and One through our collectiveness.

Isis and the Council of Light serves us to assist humanity and earth to ascend as crystalline ascended beings of Light united. They honor our uniqueness and our experiences in our lives and assist us on our journey. They assist by helping us to release old patterns of negativity, raising our vibrations, aligning our true nature with Love, Joy, Light and Peace. The Council of Light oversee humanity and Souls on their "Souls Journey" in Life experiences to assist us to connect with the deepest Wisdom, Love, Joy and Peace.

The White Flame is taught over 3 Phases to allow you to align fully with the energies of this modality.  

Phase One - Initiation to The White Flame with Manual and Certificate 

Phase Two - Activation to the White Flame Priestess  

Phase Three - White Flame Goddess 

These courses will be available as an Online/Distance Learning Course in 2019

Would you like to learn? If you are Reiki 2 or higher this can be added to your healing sessions

Why not try a Healing Session with the White Flame?

Book for a session of healing with White Flame with Kim Magdalene High Priestess 

Meditations and Online Live Readings...

Live Readings Video 

Live Readings 

Magdalene Holistic Centre

Burton on Trent

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Book on line - https://kimgutteridge.as.me/ 

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Psychic medium I love working with spirit and bringing messages to connect the two worlds together.  I have over 40 years working as a reader in the UK and internationally.

Meditation & Sacred Space

Meditation classes for relaxation with Angels,  Meditation for Relaxing, Living in today's stressful world, Sacred Space Monthly Meditations with Mary Magdalene.

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Holistic Therapies and Readings

Holistic Therapies - try a Reiki Session, Reflexology, Facial, Massage or Indian Head Massage

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Herbal Teas 

Try one of our herbal teas, Peppermint, Camomile, Loveage, Breakfast Teas, or one of our amazing samples 

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Magdalene Artwork

Mary Magdalene designed by 

Paul McCaffrey 

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White Flame Artwork 

White Flame in Pastels by Janine Keall

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